Name: Lorenz Mac

I graduated college a couple years ago. I now work full time as an accountant.

Despite the stereotypical public accountant being overweight, I’ve done a good job at staying lean even during tax season when I am required to work a minimum of 60 hours a week.

The ketogenic diet has allowed me to work strenuous hours, exercise, and have a social life at maximum effectiveness. To me, it has given me the guile to stay ahead at work, maintain my abs, and still have an abundance of energy to go out at night.

It’s not about becoming the dude with the most jacked body in my opinion. It’s about finding that sweet spot to help you become more productive, have more energy, and still look good with your shirt off.

The goal of this blog isn’t just about getting you in peak physical shape, it’s about dialing in your nutrition and mindset to gain that competitive advantage we all need in a dog-eat-dog world. 


So what is “ThatKetoGuy” all about? 


This blog is about utilizing the ketogenic diet, nutrition, and fitness in order to stay ahead. It’s also about cultivating the discipline and mindset to become a better person physically, mentally, and financially. 

I am here to document my process behind everything I do and why I do it. And i’m gonna share everything I learn as well as how I found solutions to my problems. I’m 100% honest with everything I post on here.

I’ve learned that when I try to get very jacked, other aspects in my life begin to plummet. It takes a tremendous amount of time, money, dedication, and effort to reach a bodybuilder physique. In my opinion, these resources can be focused on things that could yield a better return on investment. 

 I realized that trying to gain a lot of weight and muscle is a detriment to my life and energy levels. Since then I’ve stuck to a ketogenic diet. It’s been a world of a difference in just about every aspect of my life. It’s crazy how much more productive I am, more energetic, and overall grateful to have stumbled upon the knowledge i’ve accumulated.

Anytime I discover a new tip or trick, bet your ass you guys will be the first to know about it. 

 While i’m still a student of life eager to learn about everything, I’ve definitely got some knowledge up my sleeves I’d love to share with you guys that will help you. 

Follow my journey as I document my life and everything it entails of by keeping up with my blog