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Mindset Is The Most Important Aspect To Dieting

Not a day goes by where someone tells me they are going to start a ketogenic diet only to give up a week and a half later. This is a mistake I see all keto newbies make. Here’s the thing, people say they want to do something, but they don’t have the proper mindset and mindset […]

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Which Diet Leads To The Quickest Fat Loss?

Losing weight isn’t rocket science. You have to eat LESS calories than your body is burning. There is no other way around it. You will have days where you want to eat the exact OPPOSITE of what your diet consists of. I’ve tried out almost every diet out there. The atkins diet, IIFYM (if it […]

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Discipline is a Muscle That Everyone Needs to Work Out

   Are you someone who is constantly reading motivational quotes on instagram? Maybe you’re subscribed to a bunch of different YouTube channels that are specifically created to get you motivated. Do you watch videos of other people lifting weights to help yourself get motivated enough to go to the gym? Motivation does NOT EQUAL success. […]

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