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The ketogenic diet has taken the diet industry by storm. It seems like every day there’s a new study that shows how powerful the keto diet can be to your health and weight loss goals.

Quick story..

When I first heard about the ketogenic diet, I wasn’t in the greatest place per se. On top of being a goofy looking skinny-fat guy, I mentally felt like the walls were closing in on me every single day. 

Every waking moment, I was worried about something. I never felt happy and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I never used to be like this. No idea what happened.

So I decided to do an audit on my life. 

I was exercising, had a social life, I had a stable job, everything seemed like it was going as planned. There was no reason for me to have all these neurotic thoughts and behaviors.

Why the hell did I feel like this then?

I realized that the one area of my life that I never took seriously was my diet.

So I went on the internet and started looking for a diet that would help me feel better.

Once I found the ketogenic diet, it sounded like the answer to all of my problems. 

I never looked back since.

Once I became keto-adapted, I felt like a completely new person. 

I started sleeping better, have no more anxiety, I wake up every morning with a surge of energy ready to own the day, and I experience mental clarity like I never have beforestocksnap_jaecp91ux5.

Here’s the thing, the brain is made up mostly of fats. So why would you pick a diet that restricts fats? It’s pointless.

After doing a ton of research, I found that there were other people who were using the ketogenic diet not just to lose weight, but to cure a host of different mental conditions.

Listed below are some of the most prevalent illnesses that can be mitigated by following a ketogenic diet.


Epilepsy is the first disease that the ketogenic diet was utilized for in order to cure a patient. If you didn’t know, it’s a disease that induces seizures because of excess brain activity.

Out of all the illnesses listed, epilepsy has the most research and studies done to support the benefits of going keto.

There was a study that had researchers looking at the brain waves in kids. After adopting a ketogenic diet, 15 out of the 23 patients showed a significant improvement in their epileptic episodes. (1)

While there are anti-seizure medications that can be used, why not try to fix the issue by adopting a healthy ketogenic lifestyle?


Migraines are very prevalent especially in the stressful world we live in today. It usually involves mild to severe nausea and pain.

There was actually a study showing the reduction of the amount of headaches as well as a reduction of pain medication after adopting a ketogenic diet for just one month. (2)

The study claimed that the ketogenic diet might not work as a short-term solution but, by simply staying with a strict keto lifestyle for just one month, the frequency of headaches as well as the amount of medication used was significantly reduced.


Autism is another prevalent illness that has affected many individuals especially in the past hundred years.

It’s usually diagnosed at a young age and is characterized by repetitive behavior and difficulty with socializing.

While the studies being done are still in its infancy stages, it does show promising results. Scientists have found that epilepsy and autism share common brain activity.

A recent study showed that approximately 60% of children with autism showed an improvement with their autism after adopting a ketogenic diet. (3)


One of the top reasons why I even started on this ketogenic lifestyle was because of the supposed mental improvements.

Being someone who is diagnosed with Adult Onset ADHD, once I heard about the mental clarity and focus that the ketogenic diet could give you, I immediately began to adopt the low carb high fat diet.

There is nothing worse than being dependent on a pill in order to stay a productive member of society.stocksnap_a608m2r440

Honestly, once my body started burning ketones for energy, most if not all of my ADHD symptoms just vanished.

It was like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Some studies are showing that individuals who had ADHD can’t properly utilize glucose (from carbs) correctly in order to burn it as energy. By burning off ketones instead (the more efficient fuel source), your brain starts to function optimally.

Multiple studies are being done and are proving how eating a
ketogenic diet is can improve the symptoms of ADHD.


If you haven’t noticed, the past 5 health conditions are directly correlated with brain function. By feeding your brain the proper fats it needs in order to function(instead of carbs), a host of diseases that were only mitigated through pharmacological medicine can finally be cured through proper healthy dieting.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects many elderly individuals. It’s a form of dementia that consists of tangles and knots in the brain which impairs memory, causing one to become very forgetful.

All of the mentioned diseases thus far share a major commonality that could potentially be a breakthrough for science.

The commonality is the inability of one’s brain to use glucose properly and the development of insulin resistance.

All this means is that the carbs you eat aren’t processed correctly and begins to deteriorate your brain causing health conditions.

There was a study of around 150 people with Alzheimer’s disease. After about a month and a half to 3 months, the group who took MCT oil (a ketone supplement), began to show drastic mental improvements. There was a placebo group as well to ensure the efficacy of the study. (5)

This just goes to show that just by consuming ketone supplements, you can drastically improve any mental conditions you or someone you know currently has.


This may be the number 1 disease that has been in the ketogenic limelight.

If you take a very quick look around the internet, you’ll see drastic before and after pictures of people who were previously obese.

There are multiple studies that show how efficient and effective the ketogenic diet is for losing weight and curing obesity. (6) (7) (8)

On top of that, the individuals who adopted a ketogenic diet also showed other health improvements at the same time.

Not only did previously obese inviduals lose weight, their triglyercides decreased while their HDL – good cholesterol increased.

stocksnap_ok79aw6z4eI personally have never been obese but I have been skinny-fat. And the skinny-fat to the point where I might as well have been obese. I have also had several clients who were previously obese and after I coached them to become keto-adapted, they from being obese to becoming extremely fit.

The ketogenic diet does a great job in keeping you satiated if you follow a correct keto protocol.

You’ll know when you are in a state of ketosis when you simply aren’t hungry all the time. This is because your hunger hormone (ghrelin) begins to regulate.

It’s also pretty damn hard to eat in a surplus of calories when you are getting the majority of your calories from fats and proteins. So even if you don’t feel like tracking your calories to make sure you’re eating at a deficit all the time, it will be almost impossible to gain excess fat if you can make it a habit to stick to a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat ketogenic diet.

Metabolic Syndrome

A disease that is also coined as prediabetes.

A very common symptom of metabolic syndrome is having insulin resistance. This is when your body can’t process carbs correctly.

If you find yourself eating carbs only to feel excessively tired afterwards, there is a good possibility that you are insulin resistant.

By adopting a ketogenic diet, you can vastly improve your symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Many of us will never be able to tolerate carbs effectively, but there are rarely any cases of people who can’t tolerate fats.

Specific Cancers

There are certain cancers that the ketogenic diet can significantly reduce.

Cancer cells actually feed off of glucose (from carbohydrates). So when you restrict your body from carbs and begin to eat a ketogenic diet, many cancer cells begin to die off because they can’t thrive without any glucose.

There have been several studies showing the reduction of tumors in cancer patients after following a ketogenic diet.

While it might not show much improvement in patients who are in the final stages of cancer, the keto diet shows a lot of efficacy in those who are in the early stages of cancer. (9)

Closing Thoughts

While the ketogenic diet has been around for several years, the studies that are just beginning to show up are very impressive.

There aren’t many other diets out there that have such profound what are exogenous ketonesbenefits from a health perspective. If you happen to display any symptoms of the illnesses listed above, there is no harm in trying out the ketogenic diet to see if it can alleviate you or a loved ones symptoms.

With that being said, there is a way to reach a state of ketosis without having to completely cut carbs out right away.

And that is through the use of exogenous ketones.

If you are interested in following a ketogenic lifestyle but you don’t know if you can handle the thought of not having any carbs right away, it’s a smart idea to invest into exogenous ketones to help you with your keto adaptation.

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It helps drastically and will make the transition to the keto lifesyle much faster.

As always, you should always consult with a doctor before making a big change in your diet like following the ketogenic diet. Be sure to sign up to my email list below if you want more tips on converting to a ketogenic diet.