Who runs That Keto Guy?

A health freak passionate about living a healthy life runs this website…

Lorenz is a passionate ketogenic diet expert who helps others live increase energy and lose weight through the low carb, high fat lifestyle. He has a huge passion for nutrition and runs this nutrition blog full-time!

Why Start That Keto Guy?

It all started when I was working as an accountant and noticed I was gaining fat and feeling fatigued day in and day out. This was years ago before I ever discovered the ketogenic diet.

I’ve tried every diet out there.

Sure most of them worked, but there was always some sort of sacrifice that came with it.

Counting calories meant I had to be extremely neurotic with everything I ate. Going vegan gave me weird bouts of anxiety and depression, I could go on and on.

Safe to say the ketogenic way of living has completely transformed my life. So much so that I’ve devoted myself full-time to helping others achieve similar results.

During my journey, I’ve gone through thousands of research articles and saw several growing problems in the health and wellness industry.

I noticed there’s something very wrong with this space.

Here are some scary statistics I stumbled upon:

  • The average person tries up to 5 DIFFERENT diets per year.
  • Less than 50% of 1% of those dieters are ever successful in reaching their goals.
  • More than 65% of Americans are STILL overweight even with all of the knowledge out there…

These stats both motivated me and scared me at the same time. While I’m worried about the current state of our population, I know I have a place in the world to HELP those who are looking to lose fat and increase their energy through a HEALTHY diet.

As I researched further, took action and started seeing great results for me, my friends & family, and my clients, I’ve learned a few things that have become the main driving principles of this website:

Principle #1: I believe that your diet is solely responsible for more than 90% of your health and well-being ….not just your weight

When most people have a certain medical issue like high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, or type 2 diabetes they will resort to a quick fix like a “magic pill” or they’ll drink tons of caffeine to keep themselves awake. The right question you should be asking is, “WHY do I have high blood pressure?” or “WHY am I always tired?”

Maybe you’re always feeling tired during the day because your diet is messing up your energy levels.

Did you ever think that you may have developed type 2 diabetes or close to it because you’re consuming too much carbohydrates and sugar?

Maybe the reason you’re never able to focus on something for long periods of time is because your body isn’t tolerating the bread and pasta you’ve been eating.

Food should be used as a source of energy and medicine NOT as a pleasure.

Obviously food can’t cure everything, but you’d be damn surprised at how many “problems” people currently have and how their diet affects them.



Principle #2: Quality over quantity

Sure, counting calories will definitely help you reach your weight loss goals. And there’s definitely a time and place for it!

I encourage people who are SERIOUS about optimizing their health to have a basic knowledge of how much macronutrients they’re consuming on a daily basis.

But it’s not for everyone, and most people are terrible at it.

Instead, focusing on eating high quality, nutrient-dense ketogenic-friendly foods will help you optimize your health, increase your energy, and help you lose weight without having to count every single calorie you eat.

What you eat should be determined by your goals and your own individual needs and problems.


Principle #3: The current state of nutritional recommendations is incorrect and driven by big industries with large marketing budgets


We’ve been badgered by big industry to think that:

  • Eating carbs are good for you
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • Saturated fats are unhealthy and clog your arteries

In fact, an article published in 2016 showed that the sugar industry actually PAID scientists to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease and instead shifted the blame to saturated fat!

These are just SOME of the negative recommendations that we’ve been taught. Luckily, the science is finally catching up to the REAL way to treat your body through a low carb, high fat lifestyle.

This is the way our body, our metabolism prefers to function. Because fats are essential for the body whereas carbs aren’t needed whatsoever.


Achieving Good Health Starts from Within

In 2015, I registered the domain name Thatketoguy.com and had no idea what it would become.

I have grown to over 50,000+ monthly readers and now have thousands of people using the Ketogenic Diet Roadmap to help them shed weight fast AND increase energy WHILE still enjoying tasty food.

I’ve developed this program to help my clients shed weight FAST because I know that the motivation from losing weight is what will help motivate you to STICK with the diet until you reach your goal.

On top of that, the way you will feel… the mental clarity… the improved mood …the clear skin – all of this happens so quickly when you are truly in a state of ketosis – something I teach you in the program.

The Ketogenic Diet Roadmap will take you from A to Z to help you lose 8-17 pounds in just 14 days even if you have no prior experience with this way of eating!




Lorenz Mac

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