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Before I give you my exogenous ketones review, let’s back it up for a second..What exactly are the best exogenous ketones on the market and why does everyone keep talking about it?

To put it in layman’s terms, they are simply “synthetic” ketones that are consumed in order for your body to help adapt into a state of ketosis.

What are ketones?

An alternative fuel source to glucose. They are produced when the body burns fat for energy. It’s also produced when you have low body fat or there isn’t enough insulin to help your body use sugar for energy.

Ketones are the preferred source of energy for our body. It is used much more efficiently and has been known to produce a wide range of health benefits.

There are two types of ketones that can be produced.

1. “endogenous” ketones = ketones produced from INSIDE your body. This is the natural process by which your body produces ketones by restricting carbohydrates and instead burning fat as fuel.

2. “exogenous” ketones = external ketone bodies that are consumed as a supplement.

So instead of ketones being produced in the liver (endogenous ketones), ketones that are simply taken as a supplement are considered exogenous ketones.

You’re basically providing your body with an automatic supply of ketones to utilize EVEN IF you are NOT in ketosis prior to ingesting it. This is huge for the keto dieters out there because this means we can eat decently carb-heavy meals while still maintaining a decent state of ketosis…

…thus, still providing the benefits of — sustained energy, decreased anxiety, boost in mood and concentration, etc..

The main problem for beginners going on the ketogenic diet is sticking it out long enough to actually start getting the benefits.

People give up too soon, right before they hit gold.

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Most Common Forms of Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones usually come in the form of BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate).

The two types of exogenous ketones are:

  1. Ketone Salts – This is the only type of exogenous ketone you can actually purchase commercially. It is a mixture of sodium (salt) with BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate).
  2. Ketone Esters – These are ketones that are links an alcohol to a ketone body that is then metabolized in the liver into a ketone.

Since ketone salts are the only one’s able to purchase at this moment, i’ll be explaining, reviewing, and recommending the best ketone salts you can get online.

What Are The Benefits of Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones’ benefits include:

Improved athletic performance — The new generation of athletes are training using a ketogenic diet regimen because of how much better they perform. It is especially beneficial for endurance athletes such as marathoners / ultra marathoners.

Better weight loss — Exogenous ketones help suppress your appetite making it much easier to lose weight. On top of this, by ingesting ketones, you begin to burn body fat straight away.

Mental clarity and cognitive improvement — One of my favorite uses for exogenous ketones. Not only am I able to focus more, I’m in a better mood and feel like i’m cheating in life. It’s no coincidence that being in ketosis helps protect your brain from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s.

Anti-inflammation — The reduction of inflammation helps a wide range of health diseases. It is known that inflammation in the body is the root cause of many health concerns we have.

And even prevention of cancer – Amazing how we are finally able to take steps towards a way to properly prevent cancer 100%. We have found out that cancer cells feed off of glucose. So by restricting your body of glucose and using ketones instead, you are killing of cancer cells.

Through the use of exogenous ketones, you will experience these benefits almost immediately.

Paired with a proper ketogenic diet, you will feel like a superhuman.

You may be wondering, why isn’t everyone using exogenous ketones?

The simple short answer. It hasn’t been popularized yet.

The ketogenic diet wave is still relatively new even though there has been a ton of studies for years on how beneficial it really is, the mainstream media just hasn’t found a way to monetize it.

It doesn’t sound glamorous to incorporate a diet that completely cuts carbs out.

That scares many people away.

What they don’t realize is how healthy it is for you to adopt a ketogenic diet instead of consuming carbs all day every day.

I’m going to list the exogenous ketones I recommend from best to worst (though any of them is better than nothing when going keto)

Without further ado, here is my exogenous ketones review


The main exogenous ketone that I recommend most.

Developed by Dr. Dominic D’agostino, a doctor who’s devoted years to the studies of ketogenic diet.

Dr. D’agostino has actually worked with the navy seals to develop a ketone supplement that soldiers can use when deep diving. That’s how you KNOW he’s legit. He’s also been on several podcasts displaying how knowledgeable he really is on the ketogenic diet. If you do a quick google search of his name, you will find tons of articles, videos, and podcasts.

This is why I recommend Kegenix the most. He’s gone through years of research and hundreds of trials before releasing a product that he knows for a fact will work.

I love it because it actually WORKS.

One pouch of this and an hour later, you are immediately put into ketosis.

Kegenix separates itself from the rest of the exogenous ketones since its BHB + MCT formula has been properly formulated for maximum ingestion.

While pretty much all exogenous ketones work, Kegenix gives me the most PROFOUND effect. The two main reasons I take it is for working out while i’m low on energy and when I need to focus and get work done but feel tired. There are a ton of other uses to it that people use it for like to aid mental deficiencies.

I can eat a meal filled with carbs (on purpose or accidentally) and when I find myself not in ketosis, I’ll take a scoop of Kegenix and just like that..

…immediately back into ketosis feeling great again.

It’s crazy honestly.

The only slight downside of Kegenix is its price. It averages to around 6 bucks per serving. That’s the equivalent to a large starbucks coffee so I personally feel that it’s worth it.

The energy that I get from being in ketosis is way better than the short-lived coffee buzz that we’re all trying to chase.

You can grab it on Amazon here.

They also have a 14-day guarantee so there really is nothing to lose by trying it out.

2. KetoSports KetoForce

My second recommendation works in a similar fashion.

KetoForce is also a compound made of BHB (beta-hydroxybutrate). Unlike Kegenix, KetoForce is a BHB + salt compound rather than a BHB+MCT compound.

I count this as my daily workhorse exogenous ketone while using Kegenix when I really need to get back into ketosis immediately.

While not as profound as Kegenix, it is still a noticeable effect.

This is what I use before almost every workout.

Usually I will mix this with Scivation BCAA’s  and will have a great workout while fasted. Working out fasted helps elevate my ketone levels, a topic for another day.

You can get it on Amazon here.

KetoForce is priced at $64.55 so it’s cheaper than Kegenix but not as powerful.

You get what you pay for.

3. KetoSports KetoCaNa

KetoCaNa is the powder form of KetoForce.

They’re made by the same company and the compounds are almost exactly the same.

This is all personal preference whether you want to consume the exogenous ketones in a powder form or a liquid form.

I personally like it in a liquid form because it’s easier to swig it real quick rather than having to put the powder form into a drink. The choice is yours.

KetoCaNa is priced at $59.80 so it’s a couple dollars cheaper than the liquid form.

You can get it on Amazon here.

4. Keto OS

Keto OS is my last recommendation for exogenous ketones. While it’s still good and it definitely works, to me it just doesn’t seem to last as long as Kegenix.

You can get them in single pouches making it easier to pull one out and pour it in your drink.

This is definitely the most convenient of the 4.

Through trial and error with all 4 of these exogenous ketones, I found Keto OS to produce similar effects to KetoForce but not as strong as Kegenix. 

It is pricier than KetoCaNa and KetoForce.

It’s compounds are similar to that of Kegenix in that they use a BHB + MCT compound rather than a BHB + salt compound.

You can grab Keto OS on Amazon here.

Closing Thoughts and Personal Experiences

Having tried all four of the exogenous ketones, my main recommendation is Kegenix. This is then followed by KetoForce and KetoCaNa being second then Keto OS being third.

In terms of effects, Kegenix has the most profound feeling after taking it while KetoForce, KetoCaNa, and Keto OS all come in second.

What’s my routine?

When I have stressful deadlines at work OR I had a lot of carbs as a meal, I will immediately go to my stash of Kegenix. This is because it puts me into ketosis the fastest and most efficiently therefore, I begin to feel the mental clarity effects just minutes after.

When I am working out or I just generally am feeling tired, I will go for the KetoForce.

I have been using KetoForce as a preworkout for almost a year now and it is hands down the best thing I’ve taken for preworkout.

I used to be hopped up on other preworkouts that contained a lot of caffeine amongst other things in their “proprietary blend”, only to crash a couple hours later and feel like total shit.

KetoForce gives me this sustained energy through my workout and hours later as well.

Your mileage may vary but I never restocked on Keto OS. I purchased it once because I want to try every single exogenous ketone out there and share my experiences.

While some people rave about Keto OS, it simply wasn’t for me. It was basically like KetoForce but didn’t feel like it lasted as long and it was more expensive.

There you have it..

I hope you enjoyed my exogenous ketones review and got something out of it.

I will continue to review more exogenous ketones as they come out but as of right now, Kegenix definitely takes the #1 spot for me. Make sure to sign up for my email list below to help speed up your keto-adaptation. With my tips AND exogenous ketones, you’ll kill the game.