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Are you obsessed with carbs and couldn’t stand even the thought of cutting them out of your life?

Thinking about cutting carbs to you must be a nightmare right?

Now i’m not telling you that I am the master ketosis man that will give you all the right answers and rebuttals as to why you SHOULD be cutting out carbs. But from personal experience, this shit just works.

I’m going to explain to you guys some benefits that have research to back it up as well as the benefits that I’ve been experiencing since I started this whole keto craze. 

A lot of the buzz out there on the internet is using “the ketogenic diet” simply to sell other weight loss products and supplements. But if you research a little further, there’s actually a lot of NEW studies and research popping up showing how beneficial the ketogenic diet really is. 

It’s always associated with weight loss but to tell you the truth, I started a ketogenic diet more for its mental health benefits.

True story:

A friend of mine asked why I was eating such a weird diet but was intrigued when he saw the results I was getting while eating bacon and stuff. Fast forward a week, he calls me up saying, “dude I feel like i’m on cocaine I have so much energy.” 

Needless to say, he’s been on the ketogenic diet ever since. 

Mental clarity is a priority to me. And if a diet can help me focus more, best believe i’m gonna stick to it.

Anyways, if you guys want to hear more in-depth explanations on the benefits of the ketogenic diet, I suggest you check out Tim Ferris’s podcast interview with Dom D’agostino. That’s where I personally first heard about it and started to implement it. Now it’s just become a lifestyle for me.  Check out the podcast here.

They can get pretty nerdy on the specifics on how everything works in terms of the keto diet, I had to listen to it like three times to tell you the truth.

ketogenic diet benefits

Here’s a list of benefits that can be achieved through nutritional ketosis

Improvements in Brain Health and Function

When you have high blood ketones and low blood sugar, you are forcing your body to use aerobic metabolism through the mitochondria. All cells need ATP, cellular energy produced by your mitochondria. Research shows that in the brains of individuals that have mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and ADD/ADHD, sugar is used for fuel in an anaerobic instead of aerobic way. (found here)

If you experience any sort of mental deficiency even if it’s a mild case of depression, I would at least try the ketogenic diet for a month.

That fogginess you feel after eating a carbohydrate filled meal will be diminished. The theory behind this is that the brain is over 60% fat by weight, the more fat that you eat, the better you’re able to maintain.

The mental health benefits to me, makes the struggle of cutting out carbohydrates so easy. What would you rather have, a candy bar that will satisfy your immediate craving, or lasting focus and clarity? That choice is up to you.

Reduced inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause for various neurodegenerative diseases.

A study states that: “high fatty acid load of the ketogenic diet may also activate anti-inflammatory mechanisms. For example, it has been shown that fatty acids activate peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor, which may, have inhibitory effects on the proinflammatory transcription factors nuclear factor-kB and activation protein-1”

 Improved Athletic Performance

Your metabolic engine is far more efficient when you are in ketosis, this means there is less damage that happens to your tissues and the speed of recovery is much faster. You will find on keto that you will simply want to work out more than you ever have before.

I never thought myself as someone who could lift at 5am before going into work, ever since i’ve adopted this keto lifestyle, I’ve gone to the gym, did some cardio, and took a shower all before anyone’s gotten up for their first cup of coffee.

More research on the athletic benefits found: here

Protein Sparing Effect

Through ketosis, you are able to dramatically reduce your protein intake while still retaining muscle and strength. This is another benefits that I have been experiencing.

There are over 140 different “proteomic metabolites” in the muscle that are increased when in ketosis. This is just a nerdy way of saying your body is using the protein more efficiently which means you need less of it to function.

Everyone is different and the amount of protein you need could be significantly more or less depending on the level of physical activity you do everyday.

Improved Weight Loss

Eating carbs releases insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone that signals cells to store as much energy as possible, this goes straight to fat if it’s not used.

Also, you will no longer need to “count your calories” on the ketogenic diet. I have found it pretty difficult to get fat when following a ketogenic diet. Coming from personal experience, it was hard for me to eat in excess calories if the majority of it came from fats.

If you’re overweight and need to shed some pounds without having to be neurotic with counting your calories, you should absolutely give the keto diet a shot.

Fights Cancer

The amount of research that has been popping up following the ketogenic diet and its benefits to fighting off cancer is staggering. The reasoning behind it is that cancer cells feed off of sugar. Therefore, a diet that completely eliminates sugar and other carbs may be significantly effective in fighting cancer. The normal cells in our body are able to utilize fat for energy but that cancer cells can’t.

In short, cancer cells are starved of the sugar it needs in order to multiply

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

You’re either insulin sensitive or insulin resistant. All this means is your body’s tolerance to carbohydrates.

insulin sensitive = You can tolerate carbs. It gives you energy.

insulin resistance = You CANNOT tolerate carbs. Carbs make you sleepy.

Sticking to a very low carb high fat diet helps you tolerate carbs better when you decide to have some. People always think that by restricting carbs and reincorporating them, your body won’t be used to it and won’t tolerate it well. That’s simply not the case. The longer you stick to a ketogenic diet, the more tolerant your body will become of carbs. 

Appetite Suppressant

Because of the changes in your hormones, including your hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin, you won’t be nearly as hungry as if you were eating a diet high in carbs.

To many people, this single benefit makes the ketogenic diet worth it. The main hurdle people face when struggling to lose weight is the constant feeling of being hungry. When you begin to eat at a caloric deficit, you will feel hungrier than ever because your body thinks its in starvation mode, when it really isn’t.

Fights metabolic disease

Studies out there show that being on a ketogenic diet gives your body a “distinct metabolic advantage.”

There’s a reason why a lot of the testimonials you see from obese individuals losing literally hundreds of pounds come from a ketogenic diet.

ketogenic diet benefits

Still thinking you would never cut carbs out? Then I don’t know what to tell you.

There are so many other health benefits to the ketogenic diet and it’s exciting to see where science and research will be a couple of years from now.

The benefits I talked about above are just the ones that stuck out for me and is what led me to this whole keto lifestyle. Just like everything else, it’s not a one-size-fits-all diet, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

My personal recommendation? Try it for a month. Not a week, not two weeks. A solid month of a very low carbohydrate high fat ketogenic diet. I have helped a lot of my friends become keto-adapted and pretty much got it down to a science. You don’t have to necessarily jump straight into zero carbs every day, I always tell people to just lower their carb intake day by day until you are eating very low carbohydrate. 

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me I’d be happy to help.