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You looking to have the ketogenic diet explained? I’m going to clear up a couple things about the ketogenic diet in the post.

You’re lucky to have heard about it because there are a ton of benefits to it aside from the weight loss. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even start the keto diet for its weight loss benefits.

I honestly just felt like shit energy wise. Like I couldn’t focus at work and whenever I ate a high carb meal I felt like crawling into a ball for the rest of the day and watching Netflix.

Once I had the ketogenic diet explained (and researched), I dove in real quick and experienced focus like never before. After that feeling, I didn’t think for a second how much I was going to miss carbs. But i’m a weirdo. I’m sure you’re different. You’re probably going to sulk in a corner for a week or two because you miss eating doughnuts. (kidding… am i?)

Enough story telling, I know you came here so you can have the ketogenic diet explained to you. It’s honestly really simple.

The Ketogenic Diet Explained

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb diet.

This means no bagels, no FRUITS, no rice, no grains, no wheat, no sugar, NOTHING FUN! But seriously, eating a high fat and low carb diet has A LOT of benefits and if you’re able to stick to it for a week and a half to two weeks give or take, you’re love for carbs won’t hinder your life like it used to.

Once your body is adapted to fat, you will start to burn fat for energy rather than through your glycogen storages (from carbohydrates).

Your body actually becomes much MORE efficient in energy production by turning fat into “ketones” in the liver, which supplies energy for the brain. Pretty much what happens is your body loses its main source of energy that you normally get from carbs. Once you have fully depleted your glycogen storage from carbs, your body looks for a more efficient way to find energy.

That’s when ketosis happens. And it feels awesome when you’re actually in ketosis.

Just imagine, there are two different ways your body can survive and be energized. Either through glycogen (from carbs) or from fat.

Now this is pretty amazing shit because it means you have MUCH more gas in the tank when your body needs energy.

I drew a very pretty picture representing the gas tank meters to show you a nice visual.

ketogenic diet explained

This is NO exaggeration. There are actually studies and research that show this is the amount of energy you can withhold comparing someone who burns carbs to someone who is keto-adapted.

If you take a look at all the ultra-marathoners, athletes, long distance runners, and even Connor McGregor, they are all beginning to follow the ketogenic diet BECAUSE of this exact reason.

I was watching a video of what Connor McGregor’s diet was like for UFC 202. The nutritionist said he has put him on a low carb and high fat diet. Once fight night comes around, he’s going to give him some carbs so that he has the explosiveness during the fight. This is called a cyclical ketogenic diet. We’ll take about that at a later date.

Because you have so much more sustained energy by using your own body’s fat storages, you can fuel your workout/competition/dance marathon/MMA fight at a more efficient and effective way of production.

As you can tell there are so many reasons why you should be cutting carbs out of your diet and replacing it with a high fat low carbohydrate diet instead.

Disclaimer: if you happen to be a vegan, I would suggest steering a different direction because it’s going to be VERY hard to eat a low carb high fat diet without eating any meat.

So let’s go over this again to make sure you have the gist of it.

By reducing the intake of carbohydrates to less than 50g a day, your body is then induced into a state of ketosis. This is a natural thing your body goes through to help us survive when food intake is lower than what we’re used to. This is when ketones are produced from breaking down the fats in the liver.

There’s a couple ways to test if you’re in ketosis. You can either use ketone strips or get a blood glucose meter. The strips are cheaper but there’s a lot of controversy going around that the strips don’t really work because you’re pissing out ketones which apparently means you’re not in ketosis.

I can usually just tell when I’m in ketosis.

The feeling you get when you’re in ketosis honestly pretty noticeable. Especially if you are someone who has had a damaged metabolism. 

When i’m in ketosis, I start to feel chilled out but at the same time focused. I also have no hunger cravings at all and my mood is stable.

ketone strips

A few other ways to tell if you’re in ketosis without having to use strips or a ketone meter is:

  • through your breath. You’ll have this weird metallic-y taste in your mouth / bad breath. A lot of people reported that when they are in ketosis they have that same symptom.
  • You will pee a lot more than you usually do. This is because when you are in ketosis your body is flushing out salt since your body is deprived of carbohydrates.
  • Your piss will also smell weird when you’re in ketosis. Yet another symptom that people claim to have. It’s hard to describe what your pee will smell like when in ketosis but its definitely noticeable. If I had to describe it, it smells like piss that’s been mixed with vinegar. I don’t know, you’ll know what i’m talking about.

Truthfully, one of the main reasons why I started the keto diet was because I was having trouble with mental clarity. I was always tired after eating and I couldn’t focus on my work. Being an accountant, this was a no-no. My work performance started to plummet. 

Well I was diagnosed with “Adult Onset ADHD” which is pretty much attention deficit disorder for adults. My doctor prescribed me Adderall and although I was focused when I took it, I hated that I depended on a drug to stay focused. I also felt like a robot zombie every time I took it.

I kid you not, the ketogenic diet cured my ADHD (combined with exercise) better than the Adderall ever did.

Anyways, that’s the ketogenic diet explained.

I know some of you lazy people out there scroll to the bottom of the article to find the conclusion so HERE:

  • The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet.
  • By restricting carbs, your body goes into a state of ketosis where it begins to burn fat for energy rather than glucose.
  • Our body utilizes ketosis to be a much more efficient machine which means you have a lot more gas in the tank to do activities without burning out as quickly.
  • There are a few ways to tell if you are in ketosis, you can either use strips, a ketone meter, or you can go based off of what your body is telling you. If you start to feel like your anxiety has been lifted and you’re able to focus, you’re probably in ketosis.
  • If your pee smells weird, your breath has a weird taste to it, and you’re pissing a lot. You’re probably in ketosis.

I hope I explained the ketogenic diet to you guys clearly. I went out of my way and drew that beautiful picture so I would HOPE you guys understand what the keto diet is by now and how some of you can benefit from it as well.